OOTD-A Hot & Humid Eid

Hey guys! Quick post today! Here's my belated Eid OOTD, and I'm extremely sorry for the state of my clothing in these pictures! They are all soo wrinkly and creased but Eid as you all might know is really hectic so by the time I got to take these pictures my clothes weren't in the best of shape! I wanted to do a FOTD too but I didn't want to scare you guys off, I mean you can imagine what kind of a hot mess my face would be given the state of my clothes lol.

So this is what I wore for Eid. It was way to hot and humid to dress up in anything but lawn, do you guys agree? Some of you might remember this kurta from my birthday haul, and since my tailor decided not to stitch my clothes on time and run away from his shop I had to make do with something at home so this is what I chose as I hadn't gotten around to wearing it since July! The kurta in case any of you guys are interested is from Khaadi, it's part of their lawn collection and retails for PKR 2600. I'm a size 8 for reference.

How was your Eid? I barely got any eidi! Lol, is it just me or are people not too much into giving eidi these days? I don't wana sound all materialistic but giving and recieving eidi used to be a part of eid traditions and now it's vanishing, or maybe I'm just too old for eidi now lol. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, tc.
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