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Mini-Haul-Color Studio Pakistan Haute Collection

So it might come as a shock to some but these two Color Studio Polishes are the my first ones so far! I've always wanted to grab some since they're soo reasonable but never really did. Anyways, the nail polishes that caught my eye were from their latest Haute Collection and they have soo many brilliant shades! It was really hard or me to just walk away with two haha! Have a look at them below!

As you cans see the colors are fairly summery and I have to say that these polishes are very opaque and easy to use! I'll surely be featuring them in a NOTD soon! The polishes from the Color Studio Haute line are priced at PKR 350 ( I bought mine from Hayees), although online I've seen them for PKR 250! Weiird!

Anyways, click here to enter my giveaway and until next time, tc!

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  1. These are gorgeous colours! I love the yellow - so fun and perfect for summer!

  2. This is the perfect shade of yellow. :D

  3. i love the yellow one, but it would look awful on me. booo.


  4. Lovely shades, i'm sooo tempted to buy them!

  5. nice shades:) u visited hayee's old shop or new?

  6. Awesome colors. Same happened with me as well when I purchased these. I thought the salegirls ripped me off :(

  7. so cute haul! they both are great!! follow u too dear!! kisses!:*

  8. Gorgeous colours! The yellow is gorgeous x

  9. Pretty! I will be getting Jade for me! and yes its for 250. And the neon ones are 350!!

  10. The yellow color is so vivid! It's really pretty :)



  11. Amazing colors!
    Gorgeous blog! Following! Hope you'll follow me back! <3

  12. Oh wow what gorgeous nailpolishes!! I love especially the yellow one, because I think it is so perfect for summer and the colour is such an eyecatcher!! Thumbs up!

    Hope you visit me on my blog


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