Mini Haul-Bits and Bobs ( + a query )

So I went to the chemist a while ago and needed to grab a few necessities, and even though they aren't the most exciting thing products, I decided to quickly post them in a mini-haul.

Here's a list along with prices of what I got-

1.Neutrogena Dry Touch Sun Block SPF 100-PKR 975
Even though there are people who don't like the Dry Touch range by Neutrogena, I like it and it hasn't ever oiled me up prematurely so this time I decided to go for the higest SPF available and buy the SPF 100 one.

2. St Ives Apricot Scrub-PKR 475
Even though I'm not the biggest fan of this scrub since I feel that the beads are kinda rough, a bought a huge tub of it so I can use it as a body exfoliator! I love it soo much as a body scrub even though this isn't the intended purpose! And buying the tub is much more economical than those little tubes! 

3.Medora Nail Polish Remover-PKR 95
4.Rimmel Stay Matte Powder-PKR 600
I finally got this after hearing everyone rave about it constantly! I'll be putting my thoughts in a review soon!

5.Luscious Cosmetics BOLD Eye Pencil-PKR 250ish (not sure)
I had high expectations from this, sadly they weren't met. It smudges like crazy and isn't even that pigmented! 

6. and 7. Random Face Brushes-PKR 250 each

So what have you guys been buying recently? Let me know in the comments below (:

Until next time, tc.

 A LITTLE HELP- So guys, if you're regular readers of my blog you would know that the entire blog layout has changed drastically, to say that least. A couple of days back I tried to be all designer-ish and decided to change my blog layout but it didn't work out and I was left with a mess! In the end I couldn't do much apart from using a Blogger template for the time being. It's not that I don't like this template, it's just that it's not 'me' at all. If any of you guys have any recommendation to someone who could fix this or make me a new design I would be really grateful but the problem is that since I'm in Pakistan and don't have a PayPal account I won't be able to make the payment that way so that only leaves me with the option of using someone from Pakistan. Any recommendations guys? Thanks alot!
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