ULTA Haulin'

So a while back ULTA had this offer going around on their website that if you were to make a purchase of $17.50 worth of ULTA brand products then you'd get an ULTA goody bag for free which has a worth of $88! Since someone I knew was travelling to the States, I kindly asked them to bring back some stuff which would qualify me for the gift bag offer :)

So what I purchased to qualify for the offer was..

Now for the goody bag! There were three options to choose from, which would give you three different types of bags, I chose Paradise Bloom. 

Pretty pretty packaging!

So these are the contents of the bag. Most of the products are sample sizes except for the mascara which is a full version! I'm glad :) One can never have enough mascaras lol.

The eye pencils that I got were in alllll different shades but black :( So I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of these. The eye shadows are pretty great quality, but these have a whooole lot of fall-out ugh!

The double sided lip gloss is pretty nifty to throw in your purse for on the go but the color of the lipstick was ughh! Post on that in a bit. So far I've been dissapointed even with the mascara since it does nothing for my flimsy, barely-there lashes :( I was previously using Maybelline's Falsies and this is nothing in comparison to the greatness that THAT mascara is!

The brushes seem to be okay-ish quality on first glance. The mini blush in Flush is my new favorite blush and the nail varnish sample of The Jungle Look is a shade I don't previously have and I've been enjoying wearing it.

Here's a close up of those beautiful eye-shadows. I could review these if you want :) Can you see me being all photographer-like in the little mirrors? Hehe. 

So all in all, I feel like the products weren't the greatest in the goody bag. The eye shadows, blush and varnish are the only things I can for-see reaching out for regularly. Although the other ULTA stuff that I ordered myself and wasn't in the goody-bag is of ahhh-mazinnng quality! Wish they put some of that stuff in the goody bag. Oh well. 

What do you guys think of these free goody bag offers in general? Do you think there are actually good products inside or just duds? Let me know in the comments below. 

Until next time, tc. 
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