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Rimmel London Color Rush Eyeshadows

I'm not really someone who puts on eye shadow on a daily basis and even when I do, more often than not it is a neutral color that doesn't even show up. So to broaden my horizons or whatever, I picked up this little duo from Rimmel in the shade 650 Embrace.

The colors aren't normally what one would wear on a daily basis, at least not me, but since they are very sheer you can really make them work.  Both the shades are soft but not opaque. They give a sheer wash of color and are prone to a bit of fallout, nothing you can't sweep away though.The first is a really pretty baby blue that brings out the brown in my eyes and although the second shade seems like a pastel-y yellow, it turns up to be almost gold on the eye-lid. The packaging is typical Rimmel, nothing special but it is fairly sturdy and for Rs. 180 I can't really complain about the color pay off or the packaging.

Have you guys tried this due from Rimmel? Do you guys wear eye-shadows on a daily basis? Let me know in the comments below :)

Until next time, tc.

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