My Top 5 Spring/Summer Nail Varnishes/Polishes

I've seen literally (actually not literally) but quiiiite alot of these My Top 5 Spring/Summer Varnishes kinda posts and videos on Blogger and YouTube so I was like 'Why should I not do it?'. This post is the result of that little one-liner motivational speech. So are you guys ready? For the awesome-ness that my top nail polish picks are?!

Here they are! Sorry for my extra dry hands ugh! No idea they'd look thaaat bad in pictures :( hmph. I haven't gone for completely pastel colors, or intensely bright ones. I think I've managed quite an okay bunch with some pastels, a bright color and some typical springy colors. 

Below are a few closeups and individually swatch-d fingers for you lovelies :)

In case anyone's wondering about the names, here they are-

1.Sweet Touch-Turquoise Deep (PKR90)
2.The Face Shop-BR 806
3.Sweet Touch-Pistachio (PKR90)
4.Luscious Cosmetics-Purple Rain (PKR275)
5.Ulta-The Jungle Look

My apologies since you cant the green in the last pictures is blurry. The camera just decided to focus on the green grass instead of the green polish gahh!

Anyways, did you like my picks? Or the greenery behind them? Had to suffer through countless mosquito bites to take these. Let me know in the comments below :)

Until next time, tc. 
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