Review-NYX Round Lipstick in Femme

Everyone and their mothers have heard of NYX! They are an immensely popular brand and part of their popularity is because of their lip smacking round lipsticks which retail for the bargainalicious price of $4 a piece. They are marketed as a velvet finish lipstick which has a mineral based formula and is available in a jaw dropping 144 colors! That's quiiiite alot!

The lipstick I have at hand is in the shade Femme and I bought it since coral/orange-y lips are all the rage this year. I usually don't get on to trend band wagons so easily but there was something about the orange trend that caught my eye. 

As you may be able to tell from the pictures above, I accidentally got a realllly orange lipstick which I was extremely hesitant to try at first. Upon application, the color was too bright for my Pakistani skin tone and just didn't work out for me. It made me look immensely tan in a particularly non-flattering way. BUT, for my extremely fair sister, it works wonderfully. It goes on as a gorgeous coral orange that's perfect for summer and spring.

The lipstick is really moisturizing and you don't need to wear any lip-balm underneath. It really does glide on smoothly but I'm not sure how it will fair in the Pakistani summers which melt most lipsticks. I've read alot of reviews where the lipsticks ended up melting in the tubes in the hotter months. I had also read reviews of flimsy packaging but the piece that I have is pretty sturdy and I can attest to that since I've dropped it quite a few times.

Although the lipstick is quite moisturizing, it does settle into lip creases pretty easily and emphasizes them alot. The lipstick has a lasting time of 2-3 hours maximum and it doesn't really have any scent to it but if you hold the tube really close to your nose (like the crazy person that I am) it smells kinda sweet, not repulsive at all.

As you can see from the swatches, it doesn't go on like the color in the tube, but it is very pigmented nevertheless.

1. Retails for $4.
2. Excellent pigmentation.
3. Moisturizing, but settles into fine lines.
4.Lasts for 2-3 hours
5.Would look best on fairer skin tones

NYX is primarily available online at their official website here, although Cherry Culture  and Pork Daisy usually sell NYX products for discounted prices and ship internationally as well. If you're in the States, the only place to but NYX in-store is at ULTA. For Pakistani users, NYX is sold on many Facebook pages like Beauty Unleashed  :)

Hope you guys like the review. Let me know how your experience with NYX lipsticks has been. Are there any other must-have products from NYX that I should be trying?

Until next time, tc :)
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