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Product Rave-Rimmel London Clean Finish Foundation

I may have found the best foundation ever! (in my humble opinion, that is). The even better part is that it's drugstore! I have loved Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse Foundation since ages but this may quickly be taking the part of my favorite foundation instead of that one. I got the foundation in this haul a while back and I've been loving it ever since.

The packaging is very basic and clean and the glass bottle that it comes in makes it seems worth more than its extremely cheap price of $3.99. This foundation has some very humble claims, and as far as I'm concerned it does exactly what it says. According to Rimmel this foundation is supposed to look 100% pore-less , give a natural complexion, is lightweight, fragrance free and dermatologically tested. It also has properties of Vitamin A and E in it which act as anti-oxidants. The foundation literally glides on your skin and is easily blend able although you would have to be a bit fast about it and not let it sit on your face for 5 minutes because in that case it will be a bit difficult to blend, not impossible though.

The weirdest part about this foundation has to be the spatula applicator thingi. It is definitely a different concept of having a spatula instead of a pump but I'm really glad the Rimmel people decided to keep this instead of making us pour the foundation in our hands which is just plain messy and such a pain! Since the foundation has a consistency somewhere between a creamy and a liquid and almost seems like a whipped formula, using the spatula is extremely simple and hassle free.

The foundation makes you look as close to flawless as humanly possible and although I don't have pores as such this still makes my skin look exceptionally smoother and nicer looking! The foundation is definitely build able and I haven't found it to be drying when more than one coat of it is applied which is the case with so many other foundation I've used. Since I got this foundation I haven't set it with a powder once and it lasts me a good 5-6 hours without me having to reapply and powder my face. I have combination skin so this makes life soo much easier for me when I have to rush out in the mornings as I don't have to worry about setting this foundation with a powder. 

In most foundation, I'm usually the color Golden Beige or Nude, but the shade I accidentally got was Classic Beige which is a few shades lighter than what my skin tone is. HOWEVER, I have still been using this foundation because even though it doesn't claim to have any color adjusting properties, I believe that it does. I don't have a grey ghostly cast on my face after this and neither do my pictures turn out with my face being fairer compared to my neck. All in all, BEST.FOUNDATION.EVER!

PRICE-$3.99! Amaaaazing! Even for a drugstore foundation since drugstore foundations are now moving towards the $9-$10 mark!

1. Offers medium coverage, easily buildable.
2. Doesn't break me out, practically fragrance free.
3. Smooths and evens out skin, hides pores.
4. Although not mattifying, it doesn't need to be set with a powder.

Hope you guys liked the review. This foundation is, unfortunately not available in Pakistan. I got my one when one of my friends was coming from America. For those in America, this foundation is readily available at all drugstores and ULTA.

Please leave your feedback in the comments below and let me know what your fvouritefoundation is.

Until next time, tc.


  1. Thanks for this detailed review :)

    1. Thank you Ruqaiya! Thanks for dropping by (:

  2. I use rimmel's lasting finish 25 hour foundation and love it as much as you love this one! It goes on like a dream and looks so natural, plus it also satys on! Hoping to do a review on it soon, but always change my mind since there are so many review of it already out there!

    Btw, love this review of yours too, now I know I have an alternative to my HG ;)

    1. WHAT?! 25 hour foundation!?! Why have I never heard of this life saver? Please do a review, I'd love a review from someone who has the same skin type as most of the girls in Pakistan (: Don't worry about writing reviews about products that are out there, there can never be too many options to read from.

      Thanks Maila, glad I could help. Is Rimmels 25 hour foundation readily available in Pakistan or did you get it from somewhere else? Would love to know (:

    2. Agree Agree.@Maila.. Go ahead.every opinion brings out something new.. will so wait on it

    3. I don't live in Pak so cant tell about that, got mine from boots, UK in the shade true nude which according to your review is what you also usually use (It suits us asians with fair skin), here's the link along with price and other shades: http://www.boots.com/en/Rimmel-Lasting-Finish-25hr-Foundation_1150829/
      Something urgent came up, so will review this as soon as I am done with that :)

    4. Oh, and one more thing!
      I just gave you the 'versatile Blogger Award'!
      Congrats, have a look here, and don't forget to flaunt the picture of it on your blog!

    5. Thanks Maila,I'll be waiting for your review. And thank you soo much for the award! :D

  3. Hey! nice and tempting review i would say. i feel like getting my hands onto it asap/ hope this reaches Pakistan soon.!!

    well i would like to tell u the 25 hour foundation isn't avl in PAk. It caught my attention too some time ago. U may however get the 16 hr version of it. Have heard a lot of good things about that one too.

    1. Thanks Huma. I'll definitely try to keep a look out for the 16 hour version.. doesn't seem too bad. Thanks for commenting and helping me out :)

  4. Hey nayab, i must say this review is really very nice :)

  5. And have u account in FB?

    1. If you're asking about a page for NayabLoves then I don't have one, but I do have a personal account that I use sparingly lol :)


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