What's in my bag?

Being the nosy person that I am, I love looking into people's bags (although I don't do that in real life, it's just a YouTube and Blogger thing haha) and makeup collections etc. On the hopes that someone actually might be interested to look into my bag, I decided to do a post on it.

The bag that I carry is a tote-ish bag from Guess that my mum handed down to me when she decided she didn't want it anymore. Since this is my only 'designer' bag, for the lack of a better term, I lug it around with me everywhere. 

I try to be as minimal as possible but more than often I don't succeed which is kinda obvious from the picture above. 

1. Wallet (has all my cards, money, ID's in it). The Edward Cullen tin thing attached to it usually has a Soften ( anti allergy) and some NyQuil ( for headaches etc) in it in cases of emergency. 

2. I Pod- CANNOT survive a day at university without it.

3.Sony PSP- My younger brother decided to hand this down to me because he was tired of it. I was flattered nonetheless haha. I've been addicted to Need For Speed and Loco Poco ever since :D

4. Makeup Bag- Usually has a chapstick, lipstick and blotting papers inside it for the times that I need to touch up. 

5. 6. 7.-The Body Shop Lychee Blossom eau de toilette, mini Palmer's Shea Butter Formula for Dry Skin and a broken half toothed comb. (All these thing are usually stuffed inside my poor makeup bag, but for the purpose of making this post a bit interesting, I took them out.

I ALWAYS have my cell phone inside as well, but it was charging when I took the pictures so I kinda forgot about it :)

What do you guys keep in your bags? In case anyone's done a post on it, please link it down below and I'd love to go through it. As always, let me know what you guys think in the comments below. 

Until next time, tc :)
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