Review-Sweet Touch Kajal Eye Pencil

I have been loving Sweet Touch nail polishes since I started buying them, and it is rare than any of the nail polishes that I own from the brand have left me with any complaint. Since I was greatly satisfied with one of their products, I decided to go for another one which was their Kajal Eye Pencil in Black.

The packaging is atypical of the packaging of almost all other pencil out there, except the pencil itself seems to be made from a different kind of wood. It’s considerably smoother than the other pencils, almost plastic-y in feeling, and it is extremely easy to sharp! It is definitely the creamiest and softest eye pencil that has made way into my makeup bag. 

This creaminess could actually end up being a problem in the summers though because I’ve noticed that it does tend to bleed after a while, even in the winters. This may be because of the ultra-creamy pencil. I use the word bleed instead of smudge, because just like darker colored lipsticks bleed, this pencil does too upon application on both the upper and lower lash line. Since it is written on the pencil that it was only to be used externally and not inside the eye, I haven’t tight lined my eye using this, therefore I can’t really say anything about whether it stings upon contact with the eye. Other than that, I have had no itching or stinging when I apply this on my lash lines. 

If we talk about staying power then this pencil stays on for a good 2-4 hours before it starts fading and getting lighter. This really isn’t much of a problem for me since I just swipe the pencil again, and it’s as easy as that. I get the best application out of this product when I use it with an eye primer. The pencil doesn’t smudge, fade, or even bleed if used with a primer for a good 4-5 hours. 
When it comes to the removal of the product, I use only a baby wipe to clean it off and it goes off easily without leaving a dark tint behind. If used with a primer, it becomes a bit harder to take off, but that’s because of the primer doing its job and not the pencil. 

So basically, this pencil would be an excellent choice for those who need an eye pencil that won’t smudge or irritate them for around 2-3 hours, but a little bit of cleaning up and re-application would be required after that. In case you prime your eyes, then you apply this eye pencil once a day and you’re good to go for a strong 4-5 hours. At a retail price of Rs.240, the Sweet Touch Kajal Eye Pencil should be given a chance by anyone who’s looking out for a new eye liner.

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