OOTD-Dinner in the Cold

WOW that was quite an innovative title, I'm sure I'm competing neck in neck with 5-year-olds when it comes to best blog titles haha. It's been FREEZING cold in the capital recently, with all the rains etc. It's a legit task for me to get out of bed every morning. I won't lie-there have been times when I've been tempted to take my blanket along with me to the washroom because I just can't let it go but eventually my saner side wins and I leave my blankie, on the bed, where's it's supposed to be. Here's an outfit of the day from when I went out with friends for some coffee etc. Nothing too fancy.

I didn't really notice before but I seem to blend in quite well with the curtains haha. Excuse the hair, I was half way done curling them properly but then the electricity went out and I just couldn't be bothered starting all over again when it came back on. Yup, I should get the lazy princess award right about now :)

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Thank you to my new subscriber and until next time, tc :)
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