Well, Hello There 19!

From what my mom tells me, I was born at 2 in the afternoon and my dad had a dream in which he foresaw that his daughter was named Nayab, and that is how I and my name came into being! Without any complications at all (my mom was discharged by evening the same day).

Since I don’t have many philosophical thoughts to share, I'll just guide you through with the pictures that I took on my birthday. Please bear in mind that my photography skills are very close to nil and that I'm not used to taking lots of pictures so there are a lot of gaps in my birthday pictures.

Basically, I went out to have lunch with my friends to my favorite hangout place and I ordered a delicious Penne Al Arabiata (I forgot to take a picture of it though. darn it!). It was absolutely yumm! What I did not order with it was a fly that could not fly! LOL. Literally, it was on the table and was walking around like it didn’t have a care in the world. I tried to shoo it off but the thing just was too lazy to use its wings. ARRGHH! At night, I went out for dinner with my family and a very close friend to a posh Chinese place and enjoyed the best CHINESE FOOD EVERRR! (Again I forgot to take pictures, next times I guess)

Please be aware that I'm not trying to brag in any way/shape/form. Enjoy beautiful followers :)

 Yaaay! I'm 19!
My friends pleasantly surprised my at midnight by bringing my a box of my favorite cupcakes! 
One of my friends gifted my a laptop cover, so that I could protect the laptop that I worked very hard to purchase! Thanks babe!
Who doesn't love beautiful bows?
Lemon Cheese Cake. Need I say more ;)
 Another one of my presents. A lovely perfume that I can add to my slowly but gradually increasing collection.

My fathers surprised my with a bouqet of flowers that I forgot to take a picture of (I'm too lazy to go take one of it now, forgive me please). Since he isnt in town he had to mailed to me, and my friends pitched in to buy me a new web cam! Which is soo much better than the 1.3 MP one I have on my laptop lol. What else? Hmm, I got a bit of money, which I will try very hard not to spend uselessly! 

I'm not a birthday person and I don't see the point in celebrating them too lavishly so I appreciated the fact that my friends and family didn't do anything over the top that would've put me off. Instead they showed that they care but doing small things that made my day special. :)
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